Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mahmud Thaher
IngenieurSachverständigenBüro für Bauwesen und Geotechnik
Engineering Consulting Office for Civil Engineering and Geotechniques



Prof. Thaher looks back on over 25 years professional experience and bases his consulting occupation on accordingly extensive experience in the fields of civil engineering generally and geotechnical engineering, geothermics and also special deep constructions and structural damage analyses and rehabilitation especially. Before establishing his consulting office in 2010, Prof. Thaher has been after his graduation in 1986 about 6 years scientifically committed at the university, then in a managerial position in charge for about 11 years in practice in a huge construction company and afterwards about 7 years in a large geotechnical engineering consulting company.

From the very first Prof. Thaher paid attention to well balanced activities at university, construction practice and expertise (including teaching, research and standardization) as an accented solid base for his construction-geotechnical know-how in the sense of his clients.

In this sense Prof. Thaher is practicing engineer since 1986 both at home and abroad. He is since 1995 Lecturer - currently at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences - and since 2003 publicly appointed and sworn expert - by the IHK Darmstadt - for "foundation engineering, earth works, special deep constructions; subsoil investigations, subsoil induced construction damages". Therefore, his experience is based on three solid pillars:
  • high school activities for scientific soundness,
  • professional practice for practical relatedness and
  • expertise, as a publicly appointed and sworn expert for accented objectivity,
in order to combine and bundle optimally science, civil engineering and construction law in an Expert Knowledge for his clients, so the understanding of Prof. Thaher. Prof. Thaher is a consulting engineer of the engineer chamber Hessen IngKH, listed under the number B 1585, with the main consulting areas geothechnique, alternativ energies, environmental technology/ environment protection ground and groundwater as well as services.

Internationally Prof. Thaher has been till now scientifically or practically consulting for projects in many countries of the world such as Algeria, Belize, Bulgaria, China, England, France, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Kuwait, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Turkey and USA.

In addition to the technical and managerial skills of Prof. Thaher his trilingual German - English - Arabic might be very beneficial respectively favorable in the international business of his clients.

1981 General Secondary Education
1986 Dipl.-Ing. Civil Engineering
1991 Dr.-Ing. PhD Civil Engineering/ Geotechniques
2008 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Professor Civil Engineering/ Geotechniques

1986-1991 Scientific Assistant and Lecturer at the Ruhr-University Bochum
1992-2002 Executive in the construction industry
2003-2009 Executive in the consulting engineering
since 2010 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mahmud Thaher
TIS-TEC IngenieurSachverständigenBüro и Engineering Consulting Office

Special Knowledge
  • Soil and foundation engineering
  • Environmental geotechniques
  • Soil and rock mechanics/ Soil dynamics (earthquake)
  • Foundation and earth works
  • Special deep constructions
  • High-Rise-Foundations and subsoil substructure interaction
  • Economical geotechnical optimisation
  • Modelling in the geotechnique
  • Stability and damage analyses
  • Construction special supervision and quality control
  • Geomeasuring techniques
  • Evidence conservation questions
  • Tunnelling and pipe driving
  • Geothermie and earth energy utilization
  • Court, arbitration and expert reports
  • Standardisation
  • Executive and managerial functions
  • Public relations

Publications and Presentations

Till now about 40 publications und 80 presentations in the above mentioned fields of activity at home and abroad.

Committees and Associations
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mahmud Thaher
Consulting Engineer IngKH Chamber of Engineers Hesse
Publicly appointed and sworn Expert IHK Chamber of Industry and Commerce Darmstadt
Professor Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

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Professor Thaher

Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Mahmud Thaher


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